Geotechnical Marine Drilling Rigs & Seabed Samplers

We design and build heave-compensated marine drilling rigs and seabed sampling systems for:

  • - Geotechnical site investigation
  • - Geo-hazard pilot holes
  • - Coring applications
  • - Scientific exploration of the seabed

We build complete drilling rig packages specific to client’s requirements. Design and functionality considerations include the following general factors:

  • - Drilling depth
  • - Water depth
  • - The working environment
  • - Sample size and properties
  • - Sampling tests to be employed
  • - The drill-ship vessel(s) GA and capability

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Support Services

Geotechnical Drilling Expertise

  • - Provision of drilling crews
  • - Training client drilling crews
  • - Specialist driller support to client drilling campaigns

 Advisory & Management Support

  • Our management has many years of experience of geotechnical site investigations.
  • - We advise with equipment selection and specification, including the wider context of vessel selection and conversion and choice of 3rd party tools such as for coring and down hole sampling and testing.
  • - We provide management support, especially at commencement of operations.

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